The Ohio Opportunity

Very prolific oilfields developed in Ohio beginning in the late 1800’s. The lion’s share of historic wildcat production was developed without the aid of modern exploration techniques to search for new oil fields.
Much of the Ohio oil industry, especially in areas in south and east Ohio are controlled by small, private, underfunded, family corporations which have limited access to the capital markets.
In Ohio, Marksmen is able to deal with any and all land owners directly, negotiating leases on their oil and gas rights without posting for public offering. Marksmen has virtually no competition in some of its areas of interest.
Drilling, operating, abandonment and reclamation costs in Ohio are significantly lower than what they are in Alberta. This allows Marksmen to achieve some of the highest operating netbacks in the industry.
12.5 % royalties to land owners, no surface lease costs and State of Ohio royalty of only $0.25/Barrel.
Local refinery competition for its Pennsylvania grade crude light oil.
Ohio also offers WTI $USA oil prices.

The Best Place to Look for Oil is Where It’s Already Been Found.”


Current Projects

Davis Holbrook

Davis Holbrook is an oilfield property in Pickaway County, Ohio and the formation is the Cambrian Knox.

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Portage County

In 2020 Marksmen recompleted its first Clinton Sandstone well under the terms of an agreement with an operator in Ohio.

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Future Projects

Production Improvement and Optimization Plans for 2022

Pickaway County

The Strittmatter well and three other wells in Pickaway County, were drilled by a partner and some technical issues developed, resulting in lower than expected, oil production.  Marksmen will rework these wells, starting with the Strittmatter location.



Marksmen’s geological and engineering team have developed new well locations in Pickaway County based on their extensive knowledge and existing 2D seismic that will be supplemented by the use of 3D seismic to pin-point numerous drilling locations. In 2022 Marksmen plans to reach further afield and conduct a comprehensive geological analysis of existing data on potential drilling locations in Pickaway and perhaps adjacent counties, then supplement this with 2D seismic, followed up by much higher resolution 3D seismic to pin-point other drilling locations similar to Davis Holbrook.

In addition, in Ohio Marksmen has several 2D as well as a few 3D seismically outlined Trenton/Black River Graben structures which it can drill looking for new oil and gas reservoirs. 

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