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Marksmen is an emerging energy company with an initial focus on exploring and developing light oil assets in Ohio. We are bringing modern exploration technology to under-explored areas which have had significant historic oil production and which have not seen any concentrated industry activity for decades.

Marksmen’s management team has extensive experience in the profitable development of old oil fields in Ohio and the identification of previously overlooked resource opportunities. Marksmen Energy is well positioned to be an industry leader in Ohio.

Featured Project

Davis Holbrook is an oilfield property in Pickaway County, Ohio and the formation is the Cambrian Knox. Marksmen used 3D seismic to delineate the properties and pin-point the optimal drilling locations. Marksmen, as operator with a 75% working interest, drilled the Davis Holbrook #1 (DH1) location in July of 2016 and it has produced over 50,000 barrels of light Pennsylvania crude oil and continues to be a good producer. This well had an initial production rate of over 80 barrels per day and is the best producing well in Pickaway County in recent memory.

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Why Choose Marksmen Energy?


140 years of detailed oil and gas reservoir production history from 235,000 WILDCAT wells, drilled by small, private, family-owned companies on private land. Limited access to the capital required to employ modern drilling technology has kept the full potential in this region from being realized. Marksmen now has a large portfolio which already has more than 100 drill ready well locations.


Ohio has a politically safe, pro business environment for oil and gas. Local refineries mean lower transportation costs. Marksmen has access to all land tenure due to privately held oil and gas rights and has no significant drilling competition in the region. These factors, combined with low royalties, low infrastructure costs and premium WTI prices for high demand, Pennsylvania grade, light oil, allow Marksmen to achieve industry leading high netbacks.


Marksmen’s experienced leadership team has been involved with building many successful resource companies. In addition, Marksmen has an Ohio based team of engineers and geologists with experience in the Appalachian Basin, that we believe are second to none.

Marksmen is bringing 3D Seismic and modern-day technology to areas where all wells have been drilled as wildcat wells. This attracts other operators interested in de-risking through joint ventures.


Most wells do not require fracturing and have a relatively long life expectancy, up to 10 years. All wells have all necessary safe guards in place to reduce environmental impact on the land.

Marksmen has also been working with a world class scientific research company to convert a well to carbon sequestration.

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Marksmen Energy Inc. is a publicly traded company trading on the TSX Venture Exchange in Canada.


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